Planning a Family Event to Watch the Eclipse

Planning a Family Event to Watch the Eclipse

An eclipse is a unique and exciting opportunity to experience the wonders of nature with your family. Whether it's a total solar eclipse or a partial lunar eclipse, this celestial event is a great opportunity to come together and create memories that will last a lifetime. The eclipses happening in October 2023 and April 2024 are Total Solar Eclipses and will happen in the morning to early afternoon, depending on where you area viewing it.  Here are some tips for planning a family event for an eclipse.

  1. Choose a location: The location of your eclipse viewing party is crucial. Make sure to choose a spot with clear skies and a good view of the eclipse. You can check local weather forecasts and eclipse maps to help you find the best spot.  Hosting a party in your backyard is a great way to enjoy the event with friends and family.  Google for blogs on how to host an eclipse event like this one.

  2. Prepare for the weather: Depending on where you live, an eclipse can happen at any time of year and during any type of weather. Be prepared for the weather conditions by bringing blankets, chairs, umbrellas, or other items that will help keep you comfortable.  Also check for expected cloud cover in your area as it will impact your ability to see the full event. Also pack sunscreen and bug spray!

  3. Safety first: Make sure everyone knows to never look directly at the sun during an eclipse. Encourage your family to wear protective glasses or use a pinhole projector to safely view the eclipse.  

  4. Pack a picnic: An eclipse is a great excuse to have a picnic and spend time with your family. Pack food and drinks, games, and other activities to keep everyone entertained while you wait for the eclipse.  If you're planning to be in an area that is in the path of totality, plan extra food and drink as the crowds will make it hard to find food options and get around.

  5. Set up a camera: Document your family's experience during the eclipse by setting up a camera. Whether it's a simple smartphone camera or a more advanced setup, capturing the moment will help you preserve the memory for years to come.  Most of us take great photos with our smartphone, but just as you need to protect your eyes, you need to protect your phone.  There are now products like the Solar Snap that can help protect your phone in the same way as your eyes... and catch some unique photos.

  6. Talk about the science: An eclipse is a great opportunity to learn about the science behind the event. Talk to your kids about the moon, the sun, and why eclipses happen. This will help them appreciate the event and understand what they're seeing.

A family event for an eclipse is a unique and exciting opportunity to experience the wonders of nature with your loved ones. With proper planning and preparation, you can create a memorable and educational experience for everyone involved.

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